our Innovations

Before most businesses were even online, we were there waiting. Where some see only challenges, we're innovating solutions. As Kuwait's first homegrown IT innovation partner, we were born with this drive to push the status quo, to look forward, to break new ground, and shape what's next.

Ottu is a middleware, or a digital pipe, that gets your money from your customer to your bank directly. It is a flexible, stable, next-generation cloud-based payment technology, designed by enterprise technology experts to evolve with the business world’s ever-shifting need for risk compliance, security, scalability, and control.

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This game is a regional software powerhouse that can compete globally. One of its kind in the middle east with video and audio chat in the game rooms. It has the best developers working on it and updating it with new features making it one of the most advanced and interactive games in the region.

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KMSGer is a communication middleware that enables the client to communicate with its customers on multiple channels. The aim of the project is to make communication through various channels hassle-free and convenient for the client by enabling them to broadcast their message from a single platform.

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Suhub is an e-commerce solution, for businesses seeking to ‘Go Online’ in a shorter period of time with complete security and reliability. It's a SaaS based platform, which can be utilized as a complete package or customized further to cater to various business needs.

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The project is a scalable shipping solution for e-Commerce businesses, where international and local delivery and shipping companies will be available for vendors to use from one place. This solution will be available to use as a stand-alone product and can be integrated with other platforms as well.

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